Timing is Everything, moving elderly parents to a safe place

Talking about a transition may be a tough conversation with parents but is best held before a crisis which precipitates a move. "Many of our residents come to us following a crisis situation," says Warm Valley Lodge assisted living Administrator Anna Hinkle. The result is a family that feels overwhelmed, parents are confused and well-meaning children are making panicky decisions.
1. Investigate Facilities
Explore what kind of facilities are available in your area and find out what your loved one requires in terms of care. Look at some facilities online and compare services. Next, make an appointment to go and visit. An inquiry into facilities reveals that Warm Valley Lodge provides a state of the art assisted living experience for a very affordable price.
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2. Begin the Conversation: Communication Groundwork
The concern usually begins with safety issues. It may take a parent falling or burning something on the stove or you notice forgetfulness about taking medications. Most parents don't want to burden their children, and they will often respond to honest communication about the future. It can be difficult for a family member convince a hesitant parent that moving to a assisted living facility is in their best interest.
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4. Come for a visit
You will find that Warm Valley Lodge is one of the most beautiful assisted living centers anywhere. The Lodge is a place where the exceptional comforts of home and qualified care are paired with breath-taking mountain views and walking paths that run by the Wind River that is brimming with wildlife. You are welcome to take a tour and visit with our staff and get your questions answered.
5. Short Term stay possibility
Warm Valley Lodge offers a short-term option, which is convenient when planned or unforeseen circumstances force you to find temporary assisted housing in our Respite Care Suite. We tease – “come stay at the health club while your family is out of town”, this is an easy way to “try the facility on for size” and ease the worries.
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6. Surprise
Often placing a parent in an assisted living option is a loving act that a child can do because it improves the quality of life from medical and social perspectives. Parents often thrive in them, to their great surprise. We often hear that “the move was one of the best decisions, we felt like it extended her life. She was cared for and had a whole new social world”. Finding the right facility is so important!
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Warm Valley Lodge offers exceptional comforts of home, qualified care and a vibrant community within its walls. Warm Valley Lodge invites you to come and experience it for yourself. Learn more at or by calling (307) 455-2645.