Borealis Fat Bikes Introduces the New Alloy Flume

The Flume is the Brand’s Foray into Lower Price Points to Compliment their industry Leading, Carbon, High-End Assortment

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Aug. 9, 2015) - The Fat Bike Company, whose cutting edge product line includes Borealis Bikes, has introduced their new Flume line of Fat Bikes. The brand is currently well positioned at the highest end of the market with their carbon fiber Fat Bike assortment but has seen tremendous demand for a Borealis product at the lower end where many new users are coming into the sport. The Flume benefits from all of the great product development that has gone into the Crestone, Echo and Yampa and has all the ride attributes of the highest end bikes, at a friendlier price point.

“Our new frame affectionately named, Flume, is an exciting new all-aluminum frame with high end carbon bar, post and fork is absolutely a bike that our customers will truly enjoy riding,” said Steve Kaczmarek, company Founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to offer this new product to the market, we feel confident it is exactly what our customer wants to see from us in a segment of this growing market.”

The Flume will start shipping through The Fat Bike Company’s dealers and distributors in early October 2015. Features include:

·       All aluminum frame with careful attention to finish details

·       Borealis unique geometry for the best ride experience

·       SRAM GX components

·       Borealis Post, Bar and Fork

·       Upgrade option to Lauf or Bluto fork

·       Available in all new exciting graphics

The Fat Bike Company plans several product releases for 2015 and throughout 2016, as the market grows the product assortment grows with it. The company has completed its move into a new spacious 11,000 square foot facility in Colorado Springs, which will support its expanding in-house engineering, production, and sales departments. For more information about the company, or to find a dealer near you, visit

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About the Fat Bike Company

The Fat Bike Company and Borealis Bikes were founded in Colorado in 2013 and have quickly become a leader in the fat bike industry. The companies are dedicated to designing and producing the lightest and most technically advanced fat bikes and fat bike components in the world, and they currently operate in more than 22 countries with continued expansion planned for North America and around the world.  For more, visit or

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