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Spain Video Guide, are pleased to announce the launch of their forward thinking video, interactive tourism website, allowing holidaymakers who are thinking of visiting Spain to watch video’s on tourist attractions, things to do and best places to visit in Spain. The new video tourist guide to Spain has been launched to give users interested in travelling to Spain, great informational videos, allowing them to witness the magic of Spain through their computer, iPhone or iPad.


For a long time now people thinking of visiting Spain have not been able to find the information they have been looking for, a lot of holidaymakers have said travel sites to Spain do not give them proper information and do not allow them to see all the great things that are on offer. In the old days tourist information sites thought the holidaymaker would be happy with a still picture and an article, but this is not the old days, this is the modern world where we have great technology that can embrace people.


Spain Video Guide, the number on video guide to Spain ( have listened to holidaymakers and have created a site that is not boring and instead have brought tourist information in the form of short videos, where the holidaymaker can see for themselves why they should visit Spain and which are the best destinations for a holiday.


No other Spain tourism travel site brings so much information to the holidaymaker, giving them all the information they need to plan their holiday, from great restaurants to visit to great days out. Instead of looking at endless articles, the holidaymaker looking to visit Spain can watch a whole range of videos to really see what different places in Spain are like and why they should visit them.


Spain Video Guide, which is the leading Video guide to Spain, brings you news on Spain, culture information as well as interesting facts and historical information, allowing people to keep up to date with news as well as learn more about the history of Spain.


The tourism website is also a community where holidaymakers can share their videos of Spain, share with the community of the great time they have on holiday as well as places they have found interesting to visit. No other tourism website brings so much information in a modern technology format to give holidaymakers a real vision of Spain.


The new popular Spanish tourism site is a great place for commercial outlets to promote their product or service in front of real potential customers who intend to visit Spain. By advertising on the Spain Video Guide website, commercial companies can get their message in front of real potential customers in an affordable way with real marketing results.


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