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JULY 09, 2014SAVANNAH, GA-- - Father in jail for Child Support Arrearage although he had the children in question in his custody for the last 11 months.

 The general concensus is, fathers who don’t pay their child support are “dead beat dads.” But what would you call Mr. Willie Richardson? In October 2013 Mr. Richardson picked up two of his daughters and moved them in with him. However, Mr. Willie Richardson is in Beaufort County Jail serving 90 days after being found in contempt of Child Support Arrearage on June 11, 2014.

As it was discovered that two of the children Mr. Richardson is paying Child Support were in his custody and he had been providing for them for the last 11 months and no Child Support Modification was made, the case pulled at the heart strings of The Fatherless Generation Foundation who is in Savannah, GA working to help Mr. Richardson with his case .

Should the mother still receive Child Support for the full amount or should Mr. Richardson receive a modification in his favor? Should Mr. Willie Richardson serve jail time as a punishment for attempting to be a good father?

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