How to measure for blinds Leigh

Window blinds Wigan or blinds Leigh are types of coverings found in the window area. They block the sunlight from entering the house, offer privacy, and a constant indoor air temperature. Window blinds can be made from multiple slats, or from a single piece of material; regardless of their appearance, they have to match perfectly the window glass in order to provide all of their advantages.

To make sure blinds cover the glass perfectly, homeowners or company managers need to address professionals that would visit them and take the necessary measurements. It is important to contact specialists, because they have the proper tools and experience to perform such task. Also, only if you bring the specialist to your house, you are able to know the exact cost of the blinds and work.

Window blinds Wigan or blinds Leigh may cover the window glass, but they are not mounted on the glass. Therefore, specialists do not take into account the width of the glass, but of the window jamb. Window blinds are functional and decorative elements that are mounted on the window jamb, regardless of the material the jamb is made from. Blinds can be mounted on virtually any type of material.

If the measurements indicate a distance of 30 inches and a half from one side to the other of the window jamb, you need to order a custom window blind, that features this exact width, or purchase a 30 inch blind. Custom blinds cost more, that is why it is preferable to take what the market offers. Do not worry about the extra half of inch, because the blinds would look just great.

Regarding the length of the window blinds now, the measurements must be taken exactly the same. In this case, you do not measure the length of the window glass, but the distance between the top of the window jamb down to the windowsill. Once again, if this distance is 30 inches and a half, you can either order a custom blind that has 30 inches and a half in length or purchase one that is 30 inches or 32 inches.

When it comes to the length of the window blinds, this can be an inch or two higher than the recommended length, because in most of the time, during daytime, window blinds are pulled up to allow the sunlight to enter the room, or left to rest on the windowsill, at night. A longer window blind does not incommode the window jamb, nor does it spoil the overall appearance of the window environment.

Looking for window blinds Wigan or blinds Leigh to warm the atmosphere in your house? Blinds are known for creating an intimate medium anywhere they are mounted. For measurements, free estimates, and installation of window blinds in the Wigan and Leigh area, we invite you to contact us. Our blinds are made from natural materials, have an appealing texture, and come in a range of shapes, lengths, and widths.