Introduction about some Chinese NBA players who got the NBA championship rings

China - In the field of NBA, there are only small proportion of Asia players as the congenial physical condition of Asia people is not better than most of people from Europe, Africa and America. However, in recent year, there were also some excellent China basketball players who already achieved good performance in NBA and some of them even got the NBA championship ring. Today, this article which written by editor from ROCKCHAMPIONS which is the best online supplier for all sorts of Super Bowl Rings

The first China basketball player who got the NBA championship is the Chinese athletes whose name is Battelle. From the battle in 2002 to 2003 season, he accompanied with his team to win the NBA Finals and then he got one piece of NBA championship ring. He could be regarded as the first Chinese athlete even the Asia athlete who got the NBA rings.

According to NBA regulations, as long as the player attend into all of these NBA matches for 10 minutes or more, the player will get the NBA championship ring if their team won the championship.

Another China basketball player whose name is Sun Yue has got one championship rings in the playing season from 2009 to 2010 with his team Lakers. This is because he totally played on the playing field for a total time of 12 minutes 43 seconds which already beyond the regulated time in accordance with the provisions of NBA championship rings. He became second China player who receive this honor.

However, the reason why Battelle and Sun Yue could get the NBA 2013 Florida States Championship Ring should not the effort of their hard playing as they do not have good skills and physical condition to get more scores in the game. For example, as the effort of Paul Gasol, Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and others¡¯ excellent performance, the Lakers won the NBA championship and Sun Yue was as lucky as enough to get a ring. For the other China athlete Battelle, he was also lucky enough.

However, that is not to say China basketball player only relies on their lucky factor. There are also China player who really achieve good performance in NBA . This basketball player is the renewable YAO MING. It is very pity that YAO MING did not lucky enough to get one piece of genuine NBA championship ring.

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