How Much Do You Know about the Fortress Aslan Island of Warlords of Draenor?

Many of the players already know some of world of warcraft DLC. The king "of world of warcraft: Delano is seven Orc heroes, governing the great Orc tribes, the new expansion will return to the world of warcraft nature spirit, players will be able to enjoy "warcraft" in this one, the second generation focus the hero role as well as earning wow gold in the fighting.

Delano mainland is not by the crushing of the burning legion outland predecessor, there is the hometown of the orcs, Delaney, the center of civilization, the mainland Delano will not just the simple renovation of outland, but a new continent, players can see familiar shadowmoon valley, Allah mountain, glen, etc., there are also new areas like frost fire peak, even in shadowmoon valley, there is shadowmoon valley's predecessor, has became the black temple Carla burr temple, the other is a new permanent PvP Aslan island, both campaigns of hundreds of players in this engagement, alliance would be in the attack, in an attempt to seize the tribes in the advantage of Draenor.

This new DLC joined the garrison system, let the players can build their own home, find the followers to stationed garrison, sent the collection and to achieve the mission of the followers and can upgrade the fort buildings, wow items and so on, players can choose to build the mage tower, pet exclusive training field, etc.

Players enter the Draenor, tribal city proper will be in the frost fire peak, and friendly tribe is frost Wolf clan. Union in Kara burr, with the Draenei, so will not share the same city. And whether sal put on armor fighting with players, this decision is likely to continue, or is it just a temporary put on because of the war, at present is still unknown, whether he again put on the shaman robe, stay tuned. But you can still look forward to world of warcraft gold for sale.


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