Vonazon Provides Tradeshow Services Including Staffing, Marketing, Lead Generation, and Booth Gaming for Your Business Marketing Needs

[Los Angeles, 05/02/2014] - For years, Vonazon has specialized in helping marketing and business professionals put on successful and fruitful tradeshow booth presentations. From offering design tips for the booth itself to providing staffing options for optimized lead generation, Vonazon is an undisputed leader in the trade show agency sector. With the company’s services only improving every year, and with tradeshow performance becoming more and more important to a business’s bottom line, now is the perfect time to check out what Vonazon has to offer.


The services available on include the following:


Staffing: One of Vonazon’s specialties, proper event staffing ensures that businesses get the right people to greet potential customers and sell their brand on the tradeshow floor. Promotional representatives hired through Vonazon’s staffing program are industry experts who know how to keep booth traffic moving and maintain consistent customer rapport while also generating leads and quantifying their likely value.


Branding: Businesses should always have a giveaway item or two on hand to help draw traffic to their tradeshow table and to give visitors a concrete reason to remember them later. Vonazon provides 700,000 different customizable items for promotional use, from knick-knacks and souvenirs to scratch-off sweepstakes cards.


Tradeshow Marketing:When a business is going to be participating in a tradeshow, they should always try to get the word out to their loyal customers and followers to try to boost traffic and awareness for their show booth. Vonazon’s tradeshow marketing services incorporate social media blasts, live video feeds, and other factors to help businesses expand the reach of their tradeshow presence. Vonazon’s tradeshow marketing department is also skilled with booth design and can assist businesses of all colors and stripes in building booths that truly catch eyes.


Gimmicks and Games: Sometimes, the best way to draw potential customer leads to a tradeshow exhibit is through a fun gimmick or game. Vonazon specializes in helping businesses to develop enjoyable Jeopardy!-like games that engage visitors and proliferate brand image and product recognition at the same time.


Ultimately, while Vonazon’s product and service offerings are split up into multiple different categories, they still come down to one overarching goal: lead generation. A great tradeshow booth, one with stunning design, excellent marketing tactics, professional staff, memorable branding, and a little dash of gimmicky fun is often one of the best methods a business has to enhance the reach of its brand, generate new leads, and score big sales.


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About Vonazon

Vonazon is one of the leading trade show agencies in the United States. The firm specializes in a range of services, including trade show marketing, staffing, and booth design, all to help businesses generate leads and grow their brand.