The UK alone consumes over 1 Billion pounds on energy alone according from 2014 statistics

The UK alone consumes over 1 Billion pounds on energy alone according from 2014 statistics. Renewable Energy in the UK does not only save energy but also create a lot of job opportunities to local people. Over 3.4 million people in the EU have job involvement with renewable energy.

Over the past decade of renewable energy being introduced to the UK, Renewable energy is now supplying 19.5% of the world’s power. As technology is improving innovative energy saving products are constantly being taken to market. The latest product to have the approval of the MCS is Thermodynamic technology which is now listed under a new technology category named ‘the solar assisted heat pump’ category. The MCS which is a mark of quality and demonstrates compliance to industry standards that companies strive to meet. It highlights to consumers that companies are able to consistently install or manufacture to the highest quality every time.


A fast growing renewable energy supplier in Bournemouth is making waves in the industry, Bournemouth Energy was first found in 2007 by two entrepreneurs Kieron and Darren .Since energy bills have risen in the UK Bournemouth energy have continuously increased the amount of the local residents they employ and are now looking at expanding the company with the  opening of an additional office.


The company’s sales have increased dramatically  since we have been providing customers with a former niche technology ‘Thermodynamics’ which is now also known as a Solar Assisted heat Pump. We partnered with The Magic Thermodynamic Box Company who manufactures innovative energy saving products to business like us to 15 countries around the world, The Little Magic Thermodynamic Box provides homeowners with the majority of their domestic hot water day and night every day of the year from the use of a single panel that can go anywhere outside the property. Since the product hit the UK market the system has now been installed in thousands of UK homeowners properties and has been previously been featured on Channel 4’s popular TV show Grand Designs featured. The product will soon be MCS approved and if it has a small amount of the success that solar photovatic had when it was approved it will boost the whole of the economy and help increase employment and further save homeowners on energy bills.

Kieran Managing Director of Bournemouth Energy said ‘’Since we have started the company the local residents in Bournemouth have taken great interest into the company which has driven the company to only specialise in the unique company The Little Magic Thermodynamic Box.