'No Longer Hiding Out' Helps You Rediscover Your True Self and Lead an Authentic Life

Valencia, CA: It is impossible to find true happiness while living a lie. We are all molded and shaped by society, our peers and companions so efficiently that we sometimes don’t realize that we’ve lost our true selves in the process. Occasionally, however, it becomes jarringly obvious that we don’t act according to our personal ideology but according to what is expected of us...and we do something to change. 

Recognizing that authenticity is already woven in every fiber of your being is integral to finding deeper happiness, satisfaction and self-esteem. Learning to respect yourself, for who you really are, without basing your self-worth on the opinions of others, is integral to optimum joy and contentment. This is a philosophy shared by respected television stars like Oprah Winfrey and popular musicians such as Katy Perry. Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence’s secret to self-esteem and happiness, for example, lies deeply in her ability to gage her self-worth without letting others cloud her judgment. Demi Lovato is a healthier person today, having conquered her fears over her body image and appearance; she emerged stronger and more confident on the other side of her struggle. The success of author AmyKate Gowland’s personal growth blog No Longer Hiding Out proves it is an ideology that’s time has come. 

Realizing the need to cultivate the same spirit of rediscovery and the inclination to live life authentically in our society, AmyKate introduced her website which is solely dedicated to helping people overcome obstacles and tap into their inner selves to discover joy. Expressing the mottos “Every moment of every day is an opportunity to be authentic” and “Do not be afraid to find yourself,” the website reflects AmyKate’s endeavor to help people find the purpose of their lives through self-exploration and understanding. 

“Why be someone else, when you can be yourself?” says AmyKate. “Success comes most certainly to those who conquer their fears and find their true selves in the process.” 

Inspired by the authenticity of Oprah Winfrey, whose show AmyKate followed every day from a very young age, AmyKate managed to break off the shackles that bound her and set her true spirit free. Once she had come out of her shell and embraced her authentic identity, AmyKate realized that she had successfully entered the positive path of self-discovery. 

Having found true happiness, AmyKate decided that the best way to use her insight was to share her experiences with others and encourage them to fight for their own authenticity. Her website is designed to inspire people to stop hiding behind the veneer and learn to love themselves for who they truly are. 

The positive messages coursing through today’s blogs, television shows, and music is a welcome change to our society. The future benefits of this evolution will be inspiring to watch. Visit to find guidance and hope on your journey to self-discovery. 

About AmyKate Gowland: 

AmyKate Gowland is an author, wife and mother of three. She is the founder of the blog where she is shares her life experiences and philosophies. Her goal is to inspire others to lead a better life through personal growth, authenticity and self-awareness. 

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