Fur hide supplier Company offers luxury at affordable prices in the newly launched website

Carmen Rivero is the owner of leather and fur boutiques in Spain called Crivero Piel and designer of the  brand Crivero.  In May of 2010 she was sponsored, amongst 28 international guests, by the Kopenhagen fur house to participate in a month long course.   Three weeks were dedicated to the learning of how to classify fur hides, mostly mink, and the last was learning the ins and outs of buying in the world`s largest auction house, Kopenhagen Fur.  Carmen is now certified by the Kopenhagen fur house as a knowledgeable fur classifier and regularly attends the auctions held in the Kopenhagen auction house.   From her month long experience and studies she has an expert eye at picking top quality fur hides.  Each fur hide which is sold on the Leather Treasure website has been hand selected by her and are considered of the utmost quality.  

How is staying ahead of it`s competitors?  They individually select each fur hide, one by one, guaranteeing their customers a selection of top quality fur and leather hides. The online shop features fur hides such as fox, rabbit, shearling lamb, tibet lamb, and mink.  These fur hides resemble the same fur skins which International designers from all over the world use to make high-end garments, furniture, accessories, shoes etc.  Leather Treasure is committed to offering its online customers one of the most luxurious materials at very affordable prices.    


ABOUT Leather Treasure Shop

Leather Treasure Shop is an online based company that supplies genuine leather hides, full skins, furs, leather scraps and pieces, supplies and accessories worldwide. All of our leather and fur hides are top quality, hand selected and sold on our Spanish or USA websites. We use these same leather and fur skins in the making of garments and accessories in our Spanish boutiques and can proudly say we offer the same to our online customers. We offer each of our customers, small or big, a personalized service and a guarantee of excellence and singularity which can only be found in our fur skins and hides. To learn more visit us at


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