keyboard_arrow_up Telecommunications market in CIS countries 2014: Development forecasts for 2014-2017, New Report Launched

Assess the current value, opportunities and expectations for growth in the telecommunications sectors of seven CIS countries - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan - using this comprehensive collection of statistical data, expert analysis and forecasts.

This document analyses the overall market and also focuses on the fixed line and mobile telephony segments as well as the internet services and broadband services segments in each country. It also delivers timely reports on the influence of key trends and market-oriented events, and is especially suited to comparative analysis of market conditions in each of the included countries.

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Each chapter contains data, trends analysis, forecasts, coverage of newsworthy market events, regulatory updates and much more:

  • A comprehensive market overview details the value and penetration, as well as technological advancement of the overall CIS telecommunications market and of each of its key segments
  • Historical data from 2005-H1 2013, with estimates for 2013 year-end based on the Q3 2013 results, that describes market progress in all key segments for the overall markets and in the largest CIS countries, i.e.  Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.
  • Details on newsworthy mergers and acquisitions, frequency tenders, and developments in the regulatory environments of telecommunications markets in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.
  • Description of the key market players and the most important financial and operational indicators.
  • Forecasts for expected growth and development in 2014-2017 for these four markets and their mobile telephony, fixed line telephony, broadband and data services segments.

A comprehensive data sheet provides the following for each of these ten countries - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan:

  • Overall market and segmental values (subject to availability)
  • Annual growth (local currency) for overall telecoms markets and key segments
  • Total SIM cards, internet users, broadband connections and fixed line service plan subscribers in each country
  • Mobile, fixed line, internet and broadband service market penetration levels in each country.
  • Additionally most important macro and demographic statistics, unified and allowing for quick comparisons:
  • GDP gains, population and household totals
  • Currency exchange rates against the Euro.

CIS Telecoms Market questions answered –

  • The current value and development prospects for the telecommunications industries in one or more of these ten CIS countries?
  • The extent of telecoms infrastructure development in each country?
  • Which are they key differences between markets in the ten countries? The chief similarities?
  • Which regulatory conditions are influencing market growth most in each country?
  • Which markets are most receptive to new telecoms investment, and which offer the highest earnings potential?

Target Audience –

  • Global suppliers of ICT products and services
  • Businesses engaged in telecommunications markets in CIS countries, and/or considering new markets for investment
  • Telecoms and networking devices and equipment manufacturers and distributors
  • Businesses offering research, analysis and consulting services to market participants and potential investors.

Report Benefit-

  • Initiating or expanding operations in telecommunications markets within the CIS region
  • Developing an accurate assessment of available opportunities in CIS telecommunications markets
  • Comparing CIS telecoms markets to those in Russia and Central and Eastern European countries and preparing accurate benchmarks
  • Evaluating market penetration in terms of specific products and services
  • Business planning and analysis of current and potential investment performance

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