7 Best Content Marketing Techniques works in 2016

Usually, SEO organizations concentrate all their efforts on content strategy, totally ignoring

competitors sites and pages. This is actually a surprising and shocking fact. By competitors, we

mean organic search competitors.

In fact, some tools like SEMRush are available in the market for carrying out analysis between the

owner site and other sites in the market. By doing this, one can understand the reason behind the

high traffic on competitor site, instead of theirs.

Back-linking is considered to be one of the popular strategies. However, one should understand the

fact that this can serve the purpose for a short time. If you want a permanent solution, then better

content is the only option. Your content should be many times richer and better than that of the rival

site. When one does so, links are a guarantee 100%.

Now, lets’ move on to the actual ways to rank content in a better manner:

1. Content Types/Kind of Content:

When you speak about content marketing techniques, the most important thing is the type of content

used on your site. Content can be presented in many types. Right from audio, to animations, video,

info graphics etc. Any of the types can be used. Only the thing is that, one needs to choose wisely as

stand out and easily reachable content will surely grab more attention. Info and micro graphics are

used widely these days and have become immensely popular.

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2. Simplified Writing:

Avoid use of high fundo and complex words and phrases in your content. Keep the vocabulary as

simple as possible. Here we do not have the aim to win any award for writing. We just need to keep

our visitors engaged and make them understand as to what is written. If they do not understand what

you have written, then they would simply close your page and move to the next site.

3. Load Timing:

Slow load times simply kills your content. A number of factors are there which decide the loading

time of your page. You need to understand these factors and work on them constantly. The funda is

to step up the loading time of your site, and make it faster and more speedier. No user likes to view

slow loading pages. People thrive for speed in this Internet era. Value of your page content would

become zero if it takes too much time to load.

4. Infographics:

One requirement of a big screen or a huge page is number of images that are aesthetic large and

attractive. Also known as infographics if they contain text on them. Wide infographics are better

avoided as they cannot be shared on a number of sites. Tall and visually attractive infographics

attract, engage and convert a large number of visitors. Visual methods are very powerful and


5. Content Length:

More in length, the better. It is advisable to write descriptive and wholesome articles on various

topics. Bullets can be used to distinguish within the points. Sub headings are also powerful to divide

the content properly. Properly divided content is easier for reading. Becomes easier to the eye rather

than reading a complete para. Tags like strong, italics can be used to capture the attention of the


6. Page Title:

It is agreed that, keywords and their usage is important. But having a page title that is worth a click

is a master strategy. Often, a page title is published that is different than the title of the article. This

is done to optimize the search. Never to catch search users with irrelevant titles. Initially, it may

work but you may loose credibility with your visitors in the long run.

7. Visuals:

It is found that on an average, article having 9 images is ranked first. Therefore, making use of

diagrams, charts, images and other visual medium is essential. They should be shareable in nature

and compelling.

These are a few powerful content marketing techniques in seo to rank your content high on the

search engine.