STEAMLITE Brings The Most Amazing Gift For The Smokers Of Salford


Salford, UK (April 01, 2014) – This spring, STEAMLITE unveils its incredible collection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories for the smokers of Salford. E cigarette Salford, by this company is nothing less than a gift, to the customers of the wonderful city.

Electronic cigarette in Salford has started being popular, since the best quality e-cigs of STEAMLITE has arrived in the town. The fantastic company has looked after the fact of presenting the research based modern e-cig range at the most affordable rate to the buyers. The beautifully designed web store of the company is there to help the new e-cigs smokers of Salford. The company confirms the fastest delivery of each of their orders along with convenient payment options.

The technical team of STEAMLITE has concentrated in keeping the designs of electronic cigarettes simple or less complicated. To avoid the added confusion, STEAMLITE is divided into 3 major parts like, battery, atomizer and refill. The electronic cigarette of this company works easily, as soon as you start taking puffs. The users do not need to flame it like regular cigarettes. An LED light is fixed on the tip of the battery, which glows red, with every puff. Once you smoke from the mouthpiece, the atomizer starts releasing the electronic liquid, which is nothing but a combination of Propylene glycol, flavors and nicotine.

E liquids in Salford are on high demand with the new range of STEAMLITE e-liquids.  This company has incorporated the flavors of real fruits, tasty deserts, herbs and many more into every electronic juice. The wide range of electronic juice of this company covers, tobacco, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, apple, cherry, banana, caramel, peppermint, menthol, strawberry, caramel mocha and lot more exotic flavors. Each of these aromatic flavors can be purchased by spending just GBP 3.99. All these flavors are made from fresh ingredients as well.

The amazing flavors of STEAMLITE e liquids have established this company at a different market point. Quality conscious smokers are often found to get attracted towards this brand over others. Jeff Moore is a recent customer of this company, who shifted from other brands. Jeff says, “I have tried many other electronic cigarette brands. Most of them are very expensive. STEAMLITE is the only company in the market that balances affordability and quality in the most amazing way. I have spoken about this electronic cigarette company to many of my friends and planning to place my second set of order.”


STEAMLITE is a well known electronic cigarette brand in UK market. This is the biggest ecommerce store of e-cigs.


STEAMLITE in Salford