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Whether you want to promote a brand or simply commercialize new goods, an Advertising Photographer Herts is just what you need! Photography nowadays is indispensable in the domain of publicity, being an effective way to introduce products on the market and promote them. If you are in need of such a service, Iain Gibbs comes at your service with a great experience in the field and amazing skills as a Commercial Photographer Hertfordshire, that will convert your ideas in sugestive photographs.

Some commercial photographers specialize in one area, while others offer a more generalised service. Iain Gibbs is a Commercial Photographer Hertfordshire specialized in furniture photography, but he also emphasizes on products and people. His work is highly recognised and he had the oportunity to work for some famous brands, such as Ford, Landrover, House of Fraser, Spacemaker and so on, from which he received only positive reviews. The sphere of advertising is tough and extremely demanding, but this Advertising Photographer Herts fits in perfectly and uses his skills for productive purposes.

For example, if you are looking to promote a piece of furniture or even a location, this Commercial Photographer Hertfordshire offers you many working options, from shooting on location to shooting in studio if the job consists in a simple cutout photography. Iain Gibbs can make use of the latest technology to create a perfect set and atmosphere in his own studio if the project involves promoting objects, or can harmonise an entire room for the perfect shot. He has been involved in project such as client portrait, dinning set, fireplace removal, loft bedroom furniture, night shoot and timber detail. With such vaste experience in the field of photography, Iain Gibbs would make an excellent choice for any kind of project, as he considers no project to easy or to hard. Just a perfect ocassion to prove his talent as a Advertising Photographer Herts.

One of the biggest mistakes made by amateur photographers is a fussy or unsuitable background. Commercial Photographer Hertfordshire Iain Gibbs shooting in a studio will often shoot against a white, non-reflective background to get perfect results. An artist’s commitment is apparent from not only the equipment he makes use of, but also from his dedication to each project, no matter if it is simple or extremely complexe. Iain Gibbs Photography Ltd treats every project with the same sobriety and dedication, and that is one of the main reasons names like Marks & Spencer, American Express, Richard Baker, Black Orchid and DFS can be found on this agency’s clients list.

If you need a good Advertising Photographer Herts and you are fond of things done with passion, go online and visit You will find a large portofolio of Iain Gibbs’ work and you can see by yourself the quality of his photography technique. For further details, send an enquiry or simply call at the number 07860796382. This enthuziast photographer is always available to give you all the information you need and satisfy your curiosity on any subject that concerns art and photography.

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