Periodic Assessment of the Molecular Diagnostic Market for Adenovirus Tests in Germany, 2014 adds "Periodic Assessment of the Molecular Diagnostic Market for Adenovirus Tests in Germany, 2014" report to its research store.

Update of the 2009 started Periodic Assessment of molecular diagnostics from the end user perspective. Hospital and private laboratories have systematically been surveyed to collect information on number of labs testing, NA tests, test volumes, used platforms (separated for amplification, hybridization, detection) and reagents. For data reliability and accurate projections at segment level a 3 step methodology has been applied:

Step 1: Identification of the total number of labs Step 2: Identification of the total number of laboratories using NA technologies (in several lab units per hospital)

Step 3: Interviews with NA laboratories on NA test volume, kits, platforms and trends. A list of 38 NA tests has been provided to the labs for structured data entry. The report covers key platforms of molecular diagnostics, including Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Real Time PCR (RT-PCR), Traditional and Next Generation Sequencing, TMA, LCR, NASBA, SDA, HCA, bDNA.

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Table of Contents

Total number of clinical diagnostic labs by segment: small, medium and large hospitals, independent (private) labs
Number of clinical diagnostic molecular labs by segment: small, medium and large hospitals, independent (private) labs
# of lab performing test by test types (Virus: Adenovirus, CMV, Enterovirus, EBV VL, HBV resistance, HBV Viral Load , HCV Genotyping , HCV qual, HCV Viral Load , HIV Genotyping , HIV qual, HIV Viral Load , HPV, HPV Genotyping, HSV 1 & 2, Influenza A, B, Norovirus, RSV, VZV, Bacteria: C. Diff, CT, CT/NG, GAS, GBS, MRSA, MTB, NG, VRE, Coagulation: Factor II, Factor V Leiden, Genetics: CF, Fragile X, Her2Neu, HLA Typing, Oncology: BRAF, EGFR, K RAS, BCR / ABL)
Total # of test/results per test type & growth rate
Market shares: for amplification, hybridization and detection platforms and reagents be test type (Roche Diagnostics, Altona, Abbott, Bio-Rad, bioMérieux, Hologic, Life Technologies, Qiagen, Siemens, Cepheid, Hain Liefscience, r-Biopharm, Alere, Mikrogen, Fast Track, Olerup and more)

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