Limited edition watches are the ultimate passion for watch collectors around the world.

Limited edition watches (Limited edition klockor) are not the kind of possession that every common guy will want to buy. In most cases limited edition watches are very expensive and therefore will most likely be possessed only by people with special tastes and passion for expensive, attractive and shiny stuff. Yet there are cheaper models, whose quality is sometimes even better.

Lum-Tec, Tissot, IWC and other prestigious and famous companies expect that their limited editions will be bought by both watch collectors and people who don’t have such passion for collecting watches. Companies expect that people with taste and eye for beautiful and unique things will be ready to buy watches from limited edition series.

Why people will buy such stuff? Watch brands are sure that advanced technologies like Lum-Tec’s exclusive MDV Technology as well as great design and other unique characteristics will make their production highly valued by clients.

Limited edition watches are for the kind of people who will always be the vanguard of fashion trends and expansive way of life. Maybe even the vanguard of society and innovations. Regardless of the price, when someone can be one of the few owners of something unique, he will not hesitate to buy it. Limited edition watches are designed not only for collectors, but for everyone who will want to be in possession of something unique and will be ready to pay for it no matter how much it costs. It’s pretty much similar to owning retro cars or antiques. The owner possesses something that is unique in its own way and he knows that his watch is limited edition and only couple of other people in the world have the same thing.

Prices can vary from 200 $ to 800 000 $, as they do in the watch industry as general, but you will always find clients to buy a limited edition watch even if the price is close to one million $ or more. It’s like a race, collectors, politicians, artists , petrol billionaires , famous singers and musicians and many others are ready to give huge amounts of money for limited edition watches. It’s like being member of small but elite and privileged club.

Off course not every limited edition watch is expensive; some brands like the American Lum-Tec are creating limited editions suitable for every client.

You can find information and unique series of limited edition watches on the following link.

About Lum-Tec:

In the watch industry there is a certain brand, whose models and professionalism are exclusive- Lum-Tec. Lum-tec has specialized in the making of unique limited edition watches. They manufacture them only in 100-300 copies per model, which speaks for their uniqueness.

Lum-Tec is manufactured by Wiegand Custom Watch, LLC, a family business company, based in the USA, whose goal is not just to create good time pieces, but to be always the first in the branch and to make sure it’s clients are not just satisfied, but astonished by the quality of their watches. The goal of Lum-tec is the strive for the creation of the best watches. The company can proudly say that it has built watches for thousands of customers worldwide. They have also designed, improved, and built watches for most other known watch brands, even for some of the most renowned.

Lum-Tec watches are built by hand with great passion by a team of exceptionally skilled and professional watchmakers, who are creating the watches not just for the sake of benefit, but with love and pride for their masterpieces.

The most superior quality components that are available to watchmakers are being used. For Lum-Tec the opinion of both clients and specialists is very important. This is why many of the models have come to, after you have listened to feedback from clock collectors from around the world, because for Lum-Tec every opinion is important.