Good Mattress Provides a Restful Sleep for Atlanta Georgia

Is there anything more important than a restful night of sleep before a big day at work or a major life event? What better way to wake up in the morning than knowing you got plenty of sleep and you are ready to start your day? If you have been struggling with sleeping issues for years and have yet to find a solution, Good Mattress, Inc. is home of the most innovative and comfortable discount mattress in Atlanta, GA. They know absolutely what it takes to provide a long and restful night of sleep for their customers. No matter what your comfort preference is, they have several styles to choose from. Their friendly staff is trained in every single product and will give their best effort to help you find the mattress that will transform the way you sleep. Good Mattress is the number one mattress retailer in Atlanta and they guarantee a good night’s sleep with the products they sell.

Good Mattress, Inc. is a company built around customers. They strive, as a business, to cater to the sleep needs of their customers. In doing so, they have come up with an excellent strategy to allow the customer to choose a mattress while providing helpful advice. As a customer, you may think that you need a pillow top because you like a softer surface. Many customers don’t realize that the pain they are experiencing upon waking up is largely due to having the wrong mattress. Not because it’s soft means that it is good. The experts of this company will help you find the mattress that will provide the best sleep for you at an affordable cost. They work hard to match a customer with a perfect fit for their needs and ensure that it also fits their budget. In constantly looking out for their customers, Good Mattress is a company based on returning clients. They would rather treat their customers with respect and dignity so that when shopping for a new mattress, they are the company they will choose. Having a return customer is so much more important for them than having a one-time huge sale. They won’t bombard you the entire time you are browsing to push you towards the more expensive choice. They only believe in making the right choice for each individual customer.


Factory Closeout

Several mattress retailers brag that they are the best in the business because of their brand name mattress collection. At Good Mattress, they can confidently claim that they carry all the name brands at prices that their competitors couldn’t even compete with. If you are looking for a factory closeout mattress in Atlanta, GA, they have a larger stock than any other warehouse in the city. They provide their customers with the information they need before purchasing a factory closeout mattress. Often times, they can sell a mattress for less than half of the original retail price because it might be last year’s model or there is a small and manageable issue. Perhaps the box spring isn’t an exact match to the mattress, too. However, these are the biggest brand names at very affordable prices! They won’t sell mattresses or box springs with rips or tears, and you can be sure that these are of the highest quality.



Good Mattress offers way more than one brand of discount mattress in Atlanta, GA. In fact, they carry three large selections to choose from. One of the major selections is the Revolution which offers quality memory foam with a cooling layer. The second selection offered is the Caress Set which features a double knit top perfect for a cushioned sleep. The third and equally exciting set being offered is the Supreme Set. The particular set offers a double-sided quilted faux pillow top. If you are looking to sleep very comfortably, any one of these three amazing sets would be an excellent option.


Good Mattress has an excellent high quality selection when it comes to a discount mattress in Atlanta, GA. Not only do they offer the best selection but they are also the number one retailer in the area which means that their prices are phenomenal. Customers continue to rave about their expert employees trained to help from afar. Their subtle approach of advising only when they feel it is appropriate has launched their store sales through the roof. For the ultimate experience in mattress shopping, give them a call today!