NYC Dentist Office, 286 Madison Dental, Utilizes LANAP to Treat Periodontitis

New York, New York, January 15, 2014 -- The best dentists in New York City are constantly looking for ways to treat their patients more efficiently and less invasively. The dentists at 286 Madison Dental are now using noninvasive laser treatments to address a number of issues, including periodontitis and other forms of serious gum disease. LANAP or Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure has the power to reverse the effects of gum disease.

“LANAP, which is backed by ten years of clinical research, helps to attach new tooth roots, regenerate bones, and improve gum tissue. Because LANAP is a laser-based procedure, it doesn't rely on scalpels or sutures. Instead, the minimally invasive procedure involves just a few steps that occur over the course of a couple of appointments,” said Dr. Eliaz Kaufman.

During the initial consultation, patients learn about laser procedures, and they get comprehensive x-rays from their NYC dentist to determine the extent of their gum infection. When the patient returns for the LANAP procedure, the dentist numbs their mouth with a local anesthetic. A tiny laser fiber, thinner than three strands of hair, is then run between the patient's teeth and gums to get rid of the infection.

Most patients are able to get the treatment that they need in just two short sessions and because the procedure is so noninvasive, patients can jump back into their regular lives as soon as their appointment has concluded.

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