Dustin Nelson Offers Personalized Cosmetic Dentistry Services

[Pasadena, CA, 01/13/14] - Dustin Nelson, DDS offers patients personalized aesthetic cosmetic dentistry procedures as a way to promote dental health and hygiene. The clinic offers services that range from Smile Design to Gum Contouring to help patients achieve a healthy and appealing smile.

For Dr. Dustin Nelson and his team, analyzing a patient’s personality, physical characteristics, and lifestyle help portray individuality through a smile. Dr. Nelson and his team believe that a confident smile is the key to gaining or re-gaining self-esteem, as well as maintain a cleaner and healthier mouth.

Personal Cosmetic Dentistry

According to Dr. Nelson, perfecting a smile depends on the patient’s unique needs, and may mean closing gaps between the teeth, repairing chipped or damaged teeth, or finding a more symmetrical balance in the gum line. Dr. Dustin Nelson and his team carefully assesses a patient's personality, desires, the current condition of the mouth, and physical features in order to plan a series of cosmetic treatments aimed to accomplish the ideal smile.

Dr. Nelson believes that in order for cosmetic dentistry to become effective, the dentist needs to take a more personal approach. The Dustin Nelson team discusses the dental health goals they have with their patients, and how cosmetic dentistry procedures can help reach those goals. In order to do so, the team assesses individual characteristics, such as personality, and facial features like hair and eye color, face shape, skin tone, and more.


Dr. Nelson’s clinic provides several cosmetic dentistry procedures to carry out his philosophy including:

             Smile Design

             Porcelain Veneers

             Lumineers

             Teeth Whitening

             Invisalign Braces

             Invisalign Teen and,

             Gum Contouring

According to the Dustin Nelson team, each procedure combines science and artistry to improve the dental smile and health.

About Dustin Nelson, DDS

Dr. Nelson has over thirty years of experience in the dental profession, and emphasizes the importance of cosmetic dentistry to his patients through demonstrations of the effectiveness of the clinic's procedures. The Nelson clinic in Pasadena specializes in TMJ treatment, and surgical placement and restoration of dental implants. Dustin Nelson DDS’ multi-disciplinary approach to dentistry embraces the relationship between aesthetics, and full-mouth health.

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