New Guide To Oral Sex To Be Given Away Free On Amazon

New York City, New York; March 29, 2014: For a limited time only, the author of Fucking Right! Oral Fixation will be offering readers the chance to own her brand new guide to oral sex completely free of charge. To coincide with the launch of this highly anticipated expert sex guide, Layla Leone has announced that it will be offered as a free eBook from March 30 to April 3, only on Amazon.

According to the author, making the celebrated decision to offer a brand new publication at absolutely no cost to the reader is a way for her to share the sexual expertise she has won over a decade as a sex therapist and expert. Having up until now concentrated her efforts on helping couples spice up their sexual adventures, she now aims to spread her hard-earned wisdom to the world in general.

Fucking Right! Oral Fixation is the first in a series of books for singles and couples who are interested in unraveling the mysteries of cunnilingus. Leone hopes that her books will "get rid of all those myths that make guys unwilling to go down on their woman and let the ladies have the pleasure they deserve".

Given the book's recent release date, Ms. Leone's announcement has been applauded by both critics and experts in the field. At the release event, the author was thanked for her gesture of selflessness and for the sexual secrets she reveals within the pages of the book. According to experts, the book is an innovative and unique guide to oral sex that debunks myths, shares a wide variety of techniques and covers the basics in style.

In her ten years as a sex expert and therapist, there are few tricks that Ms. Leone hasn't seen and experienced. Known for her in-depth work with couples that helps them learn to love all over again, Leone has decided to reveal her secrets to the world in this first book in a series of expert sex guides.

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