Quality Ceiling Panels from Gyprock

Gyprock, a leading Australian company that provides gypsum-based products, offers quality ceiling panels as part of the company’s effort to provide clients across the country a wider range of building products.

[Queensland, June 9, 2014] — Gyprock, one of the leading companies in Australia that provides gypsum-based products, offers quality ceiling panels. A solid line-up of choices for ceiling panels is part of the company’s effort to diversify their portfolio of products and provide their clients a wider range of durable building products.

The Selection of Products

Gyprock provides plasterboard ceiling tiles that builders can use in decorative and commercial applications. Their ceiling panels have different surface finishes that suit different applications. The selection includes Freshtone Ceiling Panels, Supatone Ceiling Panels, and Perforated Ceiling Panels.


Freshtone Ceiling Panels

Gyprock’s line of Freshtone Ceiling Panels is engineered to complement the basic suspended grid ceiling systems. These panels provide acoustic separation, which makes them ideal for commercial wet areas. Gyprock says that these panels are manufactured to Australian Standard AS2588. The common applications of these panels include offices, rest rooms, and factories.


Supatone Ceiling Panels

The Supatone line from Gyprock includes plasterboard ceiling tiles that use a gypsum core. They are heavyset and coated with paper laminates. Gyprock says these panels are best suited for basic commercial applications, such as utility rooms, offices, and factories.


Perforated Ceiling Panels

Gyprock also offers perforated ceiling panels. Their perforated ceiling panels boast effective sound absorption. This is possible through suitable insulation that helps reduce echoes and reverberation. The panels’ edges are cut square to fit perfectly with open grid ceiling systems. Common applications of these panels include high-traffic areas, such as restaurants, libraries, and galleries.


About Gyprock

Gyprock is a leading Australian provider of gypsum-based products such as plasterboards and cornice. They also have compounds, adhesives, specialty plasters, associated finishing materials, and accessories. The company is a part of CSR Building Products, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected public companies. Gyprock manages Gyprock Trade centres to reinforce their retail presence. This is the division that takes care of the company’s plastering trade needs, boards, tapes, tools, and other accessories. The company has been part of some of the most important building projects, such as the construction of Canberra’s Parliament House, the Melbourne Recital Hall, and the restoration of Sydney’s Opera House.

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