Liquid Art House Plans Street Art Show For Spring Opening In Boston

BOSTON —Liquid Art House has announced a street art-themed group show for its premiere exhibition titled "Outside In" to coincide with its grand opening in early May. The innovative gallery-meets-restaurant hybrid has invited an international line-up of some of the world's leading street artists and muralists, including Tammam Azzam, Icy and Sot, L7m, Adrián Sonni, Yazan Halwani, Antoine Paris, MOR and Coyote Painting Walls to showcase original works.

Street art has been gaining recognition from the art world as a legitimate form of art, thriving in cities like Miami, New York City, Cairo, Berlin and Beirut. "These works look past the cultural dissonances and speak to our humanity," says Ana-Katarina Vinkler-Petrovic, Curator of Liquid Art House. "We are excited to feature these modern-day storytellers for the first time in Boston, in some cases the United States, whose art continues to transcend into gallery spaces around the globe."

Poignant, quirky and sometimes messy, street art tackles the gray area between black and white perceptions. Many street artists are credited with revitalizing the urban landscape in their communities through social, political and environmental commentary, and continue to defy perceptions through a variety of media. Beyond reflecting society, urban art also strongly influenced different sectors like design, fashion, advertising and even language, technology and media.

"Street ArtOutside In" will be on display from May 6th through June 18th at Liquid Art House, 100 Arlington Street, Boston

For more information, please contact Diane Mantouvalos at (617) 416-4897 and follow @AndoniaPR @LiquidArtHouse on Twitter for updates.


ICY and SOT are stencils artists from Iran, currently based in Brooklyn, New York. With themes of peace, war, society issues and human rights, the two brothers creatively dismantle preconceived perceptions of a fleeting Iranian tradition through their striking stencil artwork. They're considered rockstars in urban art culture as both skaters and artists in their native Iran. The works of ICY and SOT have been seen on the streets of Tehran, Istanbul, Paris, San Francisco and New York City.

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L7m was born Luis Seven Martins in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil in 1988, and since very early he started his relationship with art. At age 13, he had his first contact with the spray, which opened his eyes for new techniques and consequently new experiences and mixtures with china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic. Human sorrow, the beauty of life, the city's disarray, the neglect and the surroundings, all characterized and influenced his works, which later evolved into street art. L7M is identified by the simplicity of colors and free geometry related to several issues, causing contradictory and uncomfortable feelings in the observers. This is his purpose. Today, L7M is dedicated to independent work in advertising agencies, exhibitions and workshops at enterprises, cultural centers and schools, conciliating with the urban art freely practiced.

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Adrián Sonni was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he studied graphic design and worked as an Art Director for animation and film companies. He moved to Miami to work at FriendsWithYou. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York where he divides his time between freelance commercial work and his art. He works with different mediums that include paper and pencil, illustrator, acrylic on canvas, and wooden sculptures. Yet, his passion is to paint murals in public spaces, finding that dialogue with the public through primary colors and playfulness.

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Yazan Halwani, born in Beirut in 1993, immersed himself in the underground hip hop culture and street arts after being influenced by the French hip hop scene. At 14, Yazan started producing the largest graffiti murals on the walls of Beirut, and he is now one of the youngest graffiti artists in the Middle East. He recently was awarded a Guinness World Record for the “Largest Glow in The Dark Graffiti in the World.”

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Antoine Paris ... Antoine Paris started his artistic adventure as a teenager spraying graffiti on his hometown's walls in Saint Quentin, a suburb of Paris. Late night strolls, from drinking to exploring the nearby abandoned clothes factories, will have its toll on him. However his roots, a childhood spent behind theaters' scene alongside with his father and some rocky teen years, will be the foundation to his artistic vision and will shape a huge part of his work. In 2008, by chance Antoine gets in contact with an art slumhouse and puts together an exhibit where he sells more canvas in one night than VanGogh in his lifetime. From there he made the successful transition from street to gallery: Celal Gallery, the first one to show his work, was quickly followed by Art Present Gallery. A subsequent partnership with art curator Alexandre Devos led to several highly successful exhibitions in Devos' private art gallery. Antoine's artistic skills mature, deepens and grow thanks to his curator's advice, to the many and diverse books he gets but also thanks to the studies in dramatic arts he is pursuing at la Sorbonne. Today, Antoine's art work is shown across the world and sold in many prestigious auction house, in Monte Carlo (hôtel des ventes) or the renowned Drouot auction house in France.

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Moriah "MOR" Ressler ... Growing up between a former nun’s convent in Bedford–Stuyvesant and an old cabin in Vermont, MOR found that books and sketchpad were her few constants. Spending much of her childhood among the woodchips and roar of her father’s chainsaw, MOR was inspired to learn how to cut stencils. MOR's style evolved through the antagonism of constant doodling and frequent lone adventures through the Egyptian wing of the Metropolitan Museum. MOR seeks to continue her story through the making of symbols and narratives, and through exploration of the outside world and the inner self.

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Coyote Painting Walls ... Ivan Fernandez-Gonzalez is a Spanish-born painter, illustrator, and muralist based in Boston. He is one of the original members of the Dr. Karmaleone Lab crew and is currently working with the Coyote Communication Army to spread his own conception of art and community. He prides his Fort Point home studio, "La Factoría del Color," as a “living gallery" for others to share in his work as well as a platform for underground artists from Mexico and Europe to have their work shown in Boston.

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Representative Photographs of artists' works - additional ones are available upon request

Liquid Art House "L.A.H." is an innovative gallery-restaurant concept helmed by entrepreneur Ruta Laukien with award-winning chef Rachel Klein, that balances art, space and design through the prism of social dining. LAH is designing an interactive "art hospitality" experience—as showroom, gallery, restaurant, lounge and online platform–where all offerings are seamlessly integrated under one roof. From art installations to art-cuisine pairings to curated pop-ups, the canvas that is Liquid Art House assumes the shape created by its diners and artists.

Liquid Art House Opens this Spring at The Arlington located at 100 Arlington Street in Boston's Back Bay.