HP sd card recovery software helps people to recover files in HP sd card

13th May 2014 - Why HP sd card is so fragile? Due to the HP sd card technology, it is easily hurt by plugging out without installation. Unmount HP sd card is the biggest killer of it. So do notice that you should unmount the HP sd card if you want to take it away.


Be patient, you still have chance to get them back by using HP sd card recovery software Surely you should use it if you want to get files back. With the HP sd card recovery wizard of Aidfile recovery software, computer users, even green hand, can easily take them back from HP sd card.


Here we recommend you to format the damaged HP sd card before using HP sd card recovery software. We recommend you to use format recovery mode rather than partition recovery mode in HP sd card recovery software. So do HP sd card recvoery mode to recover HP sd card files.


Minutes later, there will be a recovered file list in HP sd card recovery software, search and choose the files you want to recover. Finally you can save the recovered HP sd card files into a safe place, and do backup if you wanna take HP sd card to somewhere else.


Aidfile uses a combination of four industries'leading provider of strategies to maximize the success for a variety of different issues of the comprehensive recovery. Even if one of these strategies is not able to finish the job, the rest of the policies can rescue a lost file.


It can recover the data if there is an error to your software. For example, partition error writing, unintentional formatting, accidentally deletion, false backup, MBR losing, bad sector of BOOT, virus attack, hacker attack, conversion error, partition logic error, logical bad sectors of hard drive, partition table lost, etc. The success rate is extremely high.


Using the Secure Digital card users often encounter some trouble, and sometimes both in speed sd card, computer or external device, they can not read the data files in sd card, this time need to think carefully to see if in the end are those aspects of a problem, Secure Digital flash card data lost reasons including :


SD memory card chip is not clean - Treatment: Use cotton sheets points apply to alcohol or water gently until the water dry and then reinsert


Non-normal format Secure Digital card - Treatment: As the mobile phone and computer format as formatted by using the method described in the definition of a computer file format and then re-formatted just fine. If readers try on the computer, cell about Secure Digital cards, please be sure to check whether the format of the card is FAT, FAT32 E680 because it is not recognize


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