British Newspaper Offers Island Guide For Tourists On Vacation In Italy

May 20,2014 - Major British periodical The Independent has recently published a feature on their website aimed at holidaymakers planning to spend a vacation in Italy’s beautiful islands.


Offering an overview of the many scenic, idyllic islands off the coast of Italy, the piece in question purports to serve as a guide of sorts, to help tourists find their way around the different settlements, and plan their vacation in Italy so that they may see as much of each of them as possible during their stay.


The article does not limit itself to the larger islands, such as Sicily, Sardinia or Elba; on the contrary, a significant spotlight is given to the smaller, relatively unspoilt, off-the-radar islands dotted around the Italian coastline. The Aeolian Islands, Lampedusa, Linosa, Pantelleria, Ustica and the Tremiti and Egadi Islands are all broached in this spotlight article, and are considered to be excellent destinations for travellers looking for a slightly less touristy experience during their vacation in Italy.


Each of these islands and archipelagos is also singled out by a particular feature they possess, and which might make them attractive to foreign tourists from across Europe and further afield. Sicily, for instance, is noted for its Greco-Roman temples and Mount Etna, Europe’s largest volcano, while Sardinia stands out for its ‘nuraghi’, the ancient defence towers found throughout the island. Other destinations are renowned for their stunning views and holidaymaking potential (such as the islands in the Pontine archipelago), or for the richness of their flora and fauna (the Tremiti islands). All in all, there is a wealth of options for tourists taking a vacation in Italy.


The scope of this article is not, however, limited to islands in the ocean. Some of the islands on Italy’s lakes are also given attention by the feature writer, with Isola Bella and Isola Madre warranting special attention.


Aside from highlighting the strong suits of each of Italy’s island chains, the article also offers tips on how to get to each of these destinations, where to stay while there and what specialities to try.


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