144w Super UFO LED Grow Lights from Blu LEDs

[Richland, 04/03/2014]—BluLEDs , a leading provider of LED grow lights, adds 144w Super UFO grow lights to their roster of products. This is part of the company’s commitment to help planting enthusiasts and greenhouse managers by providing efficient and qualitygrowing lights that doesn’t require them to pay more.

Product Specifications

The 144x3w Super UFO is a modern LED grow light with a remote control feature. Its powers and capacity are ideal for all the growth stages of a plant.

Horticulturists and plant enthusiasts can easily lower this unit approximately 12 to 18 inches from the top of the canopy. Its light’s intensity is ideal for thepropagationto flowering stages of any type of plant. The product features a no-glue and no glass design, which makes assembling, disassembling, and maintenance a whole lot easier for the user. Its power drivers with UL standard output voltage are part of the product’s safety feature.

Plants can benefit from 144x3w Super UFO through the product’s light energy, which is supported by a700MA benchmark electric current. Another feature that users will like is the product’s 90-degree secondary focus lens. The lens allows the penetration of light during the crucial stages of the plant’s growth.

The unit is priced at $219.97. It also has a 3-year protection plan that covers parts, labor, and shipping. Ifthe light is beyond repair, Blu LEDS provides a free light replacement depending on the price the customer pays at the time of purchase.

About Blu LEDs

Blu LEDs is a leading provider of LED grow lights for many indoor planting enthusiasts and greenhouse managers. The company’s mission is to bring the indoor horticulture industry together by promoting positivity within the growing lifestyle.Blu LEDs believes that their expertise and their years of experience are what make their lights work even better than their competitors’. They have invested in testing, research, and development to ensure that their products are not only functional, but can also easily suit the specifications of their customers. Other than putting quality on top their list, BluLEDs also dispenses growing advice.

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