New Workshops Fill a Niche in Teaching Others How to ‘Become Aware’ through Mindfulness Training


New Workshops Fill a Niche in Teaching Others How to ‘Become Aware’ through Mindfulness Training

Friday, April 4, 2014. [Gainesville, Florida] – Corrie J. Gross, M.S., is proud today to announce her Emotionally Positive Living day-long workshops in Florida and extended week-long retreats in Italy:  Becoming Aware and The Journey to Happiness (  Professor Corrie J. Gross’ newly-designed website launches today, and is dedicated to offering services globally.  Looking for overall happiness to increase in your life?  Trying to reduce negative stress? Improve personal wellness? Want to learn how the mind and body connects?  Corrie’s expertise will surpass your expectations through her “Happiness through Mindfulness” philosophy offered in the following workshops:

Women’s Empowerment (Learning the Art of Self-Care) - In this workshop, Corrie teaches women how to put themselves first and how to look inward to find happiness and purpose. Many women do not take the time for their own self-care because they are so busy taking care of other people in their lives. Learn how to find the quiet space you need to rejuvenate and heal in order to be successful in both your personal and professional lives. Regain your happiness and confidence, qualities that will filter to everyone around you.

Emotionally Positive Parenting (Teaching Children to Live Mindful Lives) - In this workshop, Corrie teaches parents strategies for helping parents and children learn to live mindful lives together to ensure optimal physical and mental health.  This workshop provides parents with educational guidance and insights to help them learn the techniques of emotionally positive parenting so that they can nurture meaningful connections with their children. Corrie also teaches parents practical strategies to help those who are struggling with frustrating parenting obstacles.  It's all about happy & healthy children.

The Art of Mindful Teaching (Understanding the Roots of Bullying) - Bullying has emerged as a major public health problem in the United States. It is a global phenomenon.  As an educator and former middle & high school teacher, Corrie will use this workshop to show teachers how to identify problems with bullying in the classroom.  She provides strategies for having meaningful and effective conversations with parents about how to change their children's behaviors and when to refer families for counseling if necessary.  Lastly, Corrie will show you how to get your principal and other teachers at your school on board to end bullying.

Compassion Fatigue (How to Reduce Care-Related Stress) - This workshop is for people who work within the large variety of caregiving fields: healthcare professionals; teachers; police officers; military (active duty/retired); counselors; case managers; social workers; foster parents; those taking care of elderly patients with dementia, Alzheimer's, or other chronic illnesses; and hospice workers. This workshop will help you learn how you can reduce your stress and overall anxieties that come from working in these courageous careers and positions.

About Professor Corrie - Corrie is a psychology professor and a psychotherapist who has worked with both children and adults. The central focus of her practice lies in showing clients how to integrate various aspects of their lives in order to seek purpose and happiness. She provides holistic remedies to negative stress through a variety of workshops that focus on life transitions, emotionally positive parenting, women's empowerment, stress reduction in the fields of caregiving and teaching, self empowerment, and emotional healing. Corrie works with clients globally, offering a range of techniques for emotionally positive living that include the basis for learning mindfulness meditations and breath exercises in an effort to transition, transform, and transcend. In the end, Corrie seeks to teach people the art of living mindfully as a way of reaching true happiness.

Contact Name: Corrie J. Gross, M.S./CEO 

Telephone: 352.514.3941