How To Keep Vegetables Fresh Longer

In every house house wife must be thinking that how to keep the vegetables fresh india home at the free after getting it from the market dil diya making some of the food items that and this is very hard work for any of housewife.

Sometimes the food that came directly from the market is not good for having directory in making the meaning to make sense to somewhere and we have to keep them fresh along with so here we have some of the tips to make them fresh for long time.

Sorting vegetables

Once we get vegetables from the market dell home first thing to do is sorting the vegetables to measure their quality and the scientific calculations can not harm caused the other vegetables we have so much of technology and we have a very good free available in the market can keep vegetables fresh

One of the example is that what is the short key for the vegetables because they are not good to put them with others in freezer because they have to watch store at the time we are going to use them so we have to keep them away from others vegetables.

Pre wash

Washing vegetables is very important because when we are buying name from the market tell me a lots of bacteria. And we need to clear them off as soon as possible so that we have to wash them off clearly indian we can put them in use is there are not watched then that will take less freshness automatically.

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Separate them

Keep in mind that each vegetabl is different from others . So that we have to put them separated from one another . At the time of storing you have to keep your fruits and veggies separated from one another we are not having same features in scientific so that that might affect another in one or the other situation.

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The main thing you need to keep in mind when ever you a story the vegetables then you need to get in sc per bag or perforated plastic can be good. And you can store them well enough you can use it anytime.