2014 Summer Fancy Food Show Trends

With more than 25,000 food industry insiders converging at the summer Fancy Food show, it's always a great time to discover the newest trends and tastes. More then 180,000 products are displayed and tested at the Special Food Association's Fancy Food Show to find the next big thing. AdAge presented the Top 10 Food Trends from the show and we are happy to see that bold flavors continue to play a huge role in new food items.

Below are some highlights. Don't miss the chance to add corresponding Tropical items to your offerings and give your customers and best and newest flavors!

  • Gluten-Free
    Not only are gluten-free items continuing to be a leading trend, there is even more creativity being added to these products. 

  • Exotic Flavors
    In particular, Korean flavors were a big trend at this year's show. Flavors such as sesame, soy, garlic and spicy peppers are popping up everywhere. 

  • Beer-Flavored Everything
    Beer is a flavor no longer contained to the beverage. The show found beer cheese spreads, beer chocolate mixes, and even beer jelly beans. Tropical doesn't offer a beer flavored nut mix YET, but you can enjoy Buffalo Nuts, which are the perfect accompaniment to your beer of choice:

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