Booragoon Dental Clinic Offers Safe and Pain-Free Snoring Treatment

[Perth, WA, March 7, 2014] – Booragoon Dental Clinic, a trusted dental practice in Perth, gives patients a safer, more effective, and pain-free snoring treatment through the SomnoMed oral appliance. People with severe snoring or those suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) can now get their sleep disorders treated without undergoing surgery or other costly procedures.

Two in every ten Australians will experience severe snoring during their lifetime, which is often a symptom of a more serious medical condition, OSA. This condition causes interruptions to a person’s breathing pattern during sleep, with each interruption lasting anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. Left untreated, this may increase a person’s blood pressure and risk level for heart disease, stroke, or heart attack. Booragoon Dental Clinic can help manage this through its oral appliance therapy.

Safe and Pain-Free Treatment for Snores

The SomnoMed snoring treatment, offered by Booragoon Dental Clinic, is an oral appliance used to treat severe snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. Marketed as SomnoDent, also called mandibular advancement splint, this device works to keep a person’s breathing normal during sleep. The device will be fitted in the mouth and works to prevent the airways from collapsing by holding the jaw forward.

The clinic’s specially-trained dentists, led by Dr. Russel Fine, collaborates with a number of physicians specialising in respiratory and sleep-related disorders to provide patients with the best possible outcome. The clinic’s dentists all work to provide a successful treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea.

SomnoMed Snoring Treatment

The SomnoDent consists of two dental plates, which looks similar to a mouth guards used in various sporting events. This product is custom made to fit perfectly to a patient’s mouth.

It works using a titration key, where the device can be gradually adjusted to bring a person’s lower jaw forward, opening up the airways. The treatment is painless, non-invasive, reversible, and can be used in conjunction with other treatment methods.

Because the SomnoDent is custom made for every patient, it’s surprisingly comfortable and discreet. Patients can still open and close their mouth, eat, talk, and drink normally even when using the appliance.

About Booragoon Dental Clinic

Booragoon Dental Clinic is a trusted dental clinic in Perth that provide each patient with a comprehensive range of family and cosmetic dental treatments, tailored specifically to their individual oral health needs. They offer a range of services, which includes preventative dentistry and oral hygiene, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and dental appliances such as Invisalign and SomnoDent.

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