Yogurt Market in the UK witnesses growth with consumers treating it as a functional food item

Mumbai, India – June 26, 2014 – In the past few years, the yogurt market in UK has shown substantial growth and is recently being treated as a functional food item, rather than another healthy option. According to recent research on the yogurt market in UK, seven out of ten people are consuming yogurt on a daily basis. This is further driving the market share which is expected to increase substantially in the coming years.

This report: Yogurt Market in the United Kingdom to 2017 highlights the key market drivers, successful yogurt products and the challenges which threaten the market segment. The report provides a detailed analysis of the market as it stands today and shares veritable insights that are the key to success of any yogurt brand in the country.


Key market drivers

Different yogurt varieties and flavors available in the market, coupled with the inherent health benefits of the product have been the main drivers behind the continued growth of this segment. A number of renowned brands as well as private-labelled items offer a wide array of choices these days, which include liquid yogurts, set yogurt, spoonable yogurts, etc. which continue to be in demand.


Popular product categories and dominant players

The production of certain product categories of yogurts like the branded ones, children’s yoghurt, plain yoghurt etc. have shot up in the past few years. Among these, the sale of branded yogurts comprise about 70.5% of the aggregate yogurt sales, while children’s yogurts sales have been predicted to grow by 22.4% through 2014. The sales volume of the other variants too have witnessed a steady growth. Industry research has stated that the sales volume of low fat yogurts has risen by 9.4%, fuelled by a 15.4% rise in their value growth. It has also been found that the prices of private label items has risen by 3.2% which has catapulted the sales of yogurt drinks by private companies by 0.4%. Müller Dairy (UK) Ltd, the leading player in the yogurt segment in the UK is expected to retain its dominance in the market with an estimated 26% value share and total retail value sales of £480 million.


Key challenges faced by the market

Despite being a thriving market, this segment is thwarted by some challenges owing to fierce competition prevalent in the markets. Moreover, there is no scope for product innovation in this particular industry as the UK markets are already saturated with different types of yogurt categories.   


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