Buy The Best Skateboard Bearings From Modus

Western Australia, May 30th, 2014:  Modus, the most prominent name in the skateboard industry has launched their range of fastest skateboard bearings in the market. The company, which has been a mark of quality for its high class products, maintains a team of professional and innovative skateboarders who works to come up with great products that can make the skateboarding experience even more perfect. Modus has already made its mark in the industry through its best skate bearings, and now with the latest product range it is sure to grab a prominent share in the market. 


The product range of Modus includes good skateboard bearings and hardware. The bearings range has total six varieties of bearings of which four types are made with carbon chromium steel. Apart from the black bearings in the range, the other three bearings are included in the ABEC series, and they come in different colours for ease of distinguishing. The Titanium skateboard bearings and the ceramic skateboard bearingsare the other products in their bearings range. The stock of hardware includes different accessories for professional skateboarding, such as Grip tape, Truck Cushions, Riser Pads, and Mounting Hardware. Different variations of these products are also available from Modus, and you can also be rest assured about the best quality with each of these products.     


About the company:


Modus Bearings was established in the year 2003 by the professional skateboarder Brett Margaritis. The basic motto of the company is to create and distribute quality skateboard products to the community. Modus Bearings are presently sold in 13 countries across the world.


Contact Information:


Modus Speed Bearings

Address:  Fivefoot 4

PO Box. 1965

Subiaco, WA 6904, Australia 

Contact Number: +61 (0) 8 9225 7180

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