Don't Post Your Jobs If You Want To Hire

If you are tired of the job filling rat race, then stop doing what you are doing. While you are at it, dismiss all the assumptions you’ve made about how jobs get filled. People hire candidates, not résumés.

MYTH: You will successfully fill your next job by using job boards. You may believe that if you post your empty jobs to enough job posting sites, you’ll eventually beat the odds and find adequate people to fill them. While posting to job sites may make you feel productive, a recent CareerXroads survey shows that only 15 percent of positions were filled through job boards. Most jobs are successfully filled either internally or from outside agencies. When you spend all your time and energy posting your jobs and waiting for potential candidates to apply, you’re hurting your chances.

ZFR helps you find great talent. 

Zero Fee Recruiter is a new and better way to recruit. 

We are the world’s largest passive candidate marketplace. We provide you with qualified professionals that we have contacted and vetted for each position you are looking to fill. We deliver only candidates that are interested in the position, that are available in your location and that have agreed to your salary range. 

ZFR focuses on passive candidates that we source through our proprietary system, "Reach Out" and this enables our team to reach candidates that are not actively looking.

We guarantee results! It’s that easy…

Yes, Our team is USA based!