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USA, January 30th ,2014: Liora Houbara is a popular clinical dietician, who now creates wonderfully illustrated books for small kids, which will help them to learn the names and words of vegetables as well as colors. Liora Houbara’s latest release The First Book of Colors and Vegetables is available at the Amazon Kindle store.This bookis an effective aid for children to easily learn to read and write at a tender age, at a fast rate. This book on children nutrition appears to contribute generously to the personal development of every single kid.

The author says, “With The First Book of Colors and Vegetables, your baby will learn the names of colors and vegetables as well as to make the connection between them.”

All parents can help their babies in building basic language and vocabulary skills with the help of this teaching book that shows the significance of healthy nutrition for kids. The First Book of Colors and Vegetables can be downloaded free of cost through Amazon on 4th and 5th February, 2014.

Babies can play and learn new words as well as meanings through funny illustrations given in this book from Liora Houbara. The book aims to open a new world of healthy vegetablesto kids. Children will get a close view of various colors. They will try to learn words naturally as the colorful images in the book beckon them to be part of a new experience.

One of the readers of The First Book of Colors and Vegetables says, “This book is a great way to teach young children about nutrition from a very early age, kids will be so entertained by the text and pictures they won’t even realize they’re learning, it’s an absolute must have if you want to teach your kids about eating right.”

The baby book helps parents to teach their kids the importance of healthy eating through playful ways by using large and beautiful colorful pictures. It helps create an atmosphere of healthy living solidified by a base of proper education.

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About Liora Houbara

Liora is a clinical dietitian for 27 years and has a famous name in the field of nutrition in Israel.She has developed a unique method to get children to eat vegetables and fruits

With the method is of her clinics in Israel treats thousands of children and help their parents makes them eat more healthy and more accurately

Liora published a children's book that helps children to eat five colors – Eating 5 colors with foodie the dwarf -

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