The Magic Man is Back!

TORONTO, ON, May 30, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Canadian charting singer Sherrie Lea, known for her beautiful remake of Sade's 'No Ordinary Love' (Chill Out 2010) tackles a Classic Rock hit from 1976 as next dance single from her sophomore album.

'Magic Man' will see its come back release on June 5th, 2014.
Heart's former manager Michael Fisher is the inspiration for the famous rock tune. The killer guitar riffs Heart are so well known for were created by Michael's brother Roger Fisher. Both Michael and Roger had deeper relationships with the sister rockers, Ann & Nancy Wilson. These well publicized romances led to the break up of the bands heaviest musical line up.

Recently, HEART brought the house down when they reunited to perform live at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, securing Heart a rightful spot among musical Legends, for classic hits such as Barracuda & Crazy on You. "Roger is every bit the guitar Rock God we knew him to be and only got more cocky with age" exclaims Sherrie Lea. "Ann & Heart are still the best Rock & Roll band! The only thing better would be to re-unite the original line up! says Lea."

Sherrie Lea has been in contact with the folks at Heart and is honored to be covering their epic rock tune in a unique dance format. Even more exciting is that Magic Man himself (M.Fisher) loves it too. "It was a hard remix to do because the Magic Man choruses resolve. The song itself was quite 'dancey' in its day. Magic Man has some really interesting changes in it plus the coolest lyrics" said Ms. Lea on the phone from the studio.

The remix recorded at MHSTUDIOS in Toronto, sounds fresh with a Trance-Euro disco beat yet still has a warm, vintage quality to it with Sherrie Lea's lush vocal timbre similar to that of legend Ann Wilson. Sherrie Lea did a wonderful job with the Sade track both in dance and chill out format on top charts world wide.

As a Heart fan myself, I speak for others in saying, we are more than happy to hear the remake hit the airwaves soon. I'll take my way back playback any way I can. Magic Man, a track still very timely, as the Wilson sisters continue touring and wowing audiences worldwide ever increasing a younger fan base. Some who just might want to hear Magic Man Remixes spun in the clubs!

Sherrie Lea has several singles on the DJ's HOT AC most added list. Originally from Scotland Sherrie Lea spends her time between Toronto and Los Angeles where she is featured in a well known book of an esoteric nature. The book by UCLA Professor A.Finkelstein has been translated into a movie script currently in talks with major studios in L.A. Sherrie Lea's 2nd solo album Truth will be released in Fall 2014...and as they say "keep on dancing in the free world!!"

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