New Pig Launches Waste Minimization Forum

New Pig Corporation has recently launched an online forum, The Waste Minimization Forum, to help plants reduce waste and save money. The forum is aimed at sharing ideas, problems and best practices for waste minimization, lean manufacturing and industrial sustainability.


“The forum is dedicated to creating insights and information that plants can use immediately,” said Andy James, the forum’s publisher. “There’s no question too large or too small to be discussed, and no fluff, spin or selling is allowed. And membership is free."

Key features include such tools as a waste minimization savings calculator (with a 12-minute explanatory video), and a guide to creating a waste inventory. The calculator tells users how much each line item of their waste costs to dispose, how much they can save by recycling, and how much they can save by source reduction for a waste compared to source reduction plus recycling. 

Other key features include

  • Infographics and Quickstart Guides
  •  Best Practices for Starting a Waste Min Program
  • Timely articles and information around EPA regs and changes

To learn more about the forum and how it can help your facility reduce waste and save money, visit