Using CRM to Retain Customers and Establish Loyalty adds "From token loyalty to meaningful relationships: How loyalty programs and Big Data Analytics are facilitating CRM in the retail sector" report to its research store.

Looking at the importance of CRM to retailers, this case study reveals how they have adopted loyalty programs and big data analytics in order to attract and retain customers. With these relatively new tools, retailers are now in a position to predict a customer's shop, and even know when a customer is pregnant. Find out how retailers are using this information in increasingly diverse ways.

Features and benefits

  • Provides a history of loyalty programs and how they have evolved as technology has advanced and customers have become more sophisticated.
  • Looks at the beginnings of big data analytics and how it has evolved from relatively simple data mining to sophisticated algorithms and analysis.
  • Details what CRM is and what is necessary for it to succeed. Looks at how loyalty programs, big data and CRM have become intrinsically linked.
  • Demonstrates how the retail sector has embraced to great success the triumvirate that is CRM, big data analytics and loyalty programs.

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Using loyalty programs and big data analytics, retailers are capable of predicting customer buying habits, with Target developing a pregnancy predictor model.

CRM uses the insights gleaned from these tools to better serve the customer, however the power of big data now means loyalty programs are no longer necessary to collect customer information.

Your key questions answered

  • What is customer relationship management and why is it so important?
  • What elements are necessary for it to succeed?
  • What is big data analytics and how is it used?
  • What are loyalty programs, and why is customer information so important to retailers?
  • How do CRM, big data analytics and loyalty programs work together, and what can these three tools achieve in a retail environment?

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Table of Contents


Using CRM To Retain Customers And Establish Loyalty
Retailers utilize CRM to justify their existence
Successful CRM combines people, relevant processes and technology
Loyalty programs and big data analytics drive successful CRM in the retail sector

From Stamps To Swipes: The Evolution Of Loyalty Programs
Big data analytics an essential tool in the quest for the loyal cash cow
From incentivized reward tokens to sophisticated marketing tools
Loyalty programs bring big benefits for the retail sector
Big data analytics used to predict customer pregnancies
Big data analytics also used to make operational decisions

Big Data Analytics, The Clairvoyant Business Tool
Unstructured data is being tamed by big data analytics to aid business decisions
Spying on the customer through big data analytics
Using big data to turn your social media profile and your location into quantifiable data

Retailers to remain one step ahead of the savvy consumer

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Figure: CRM word cloud
Figure: S&H Green Stamps
Figure: The Nectar card and Tesco Clubcard
Figure: The Target REDcard

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