'Guardian Angel' is Part Two in 'The Adventures of Marc Lonergan' Anthology

'Guardian Angel'

As a Man - Part Two (iBook - Kindle APR 2016)

Paperback - (Clovercroft Publishing - MAY 2016)

The Journey of a Protector

Part Two picks up as Lonergan scouts alone and ahead of the captain and crew of Blakexpeditions in the Amazon Jungle; only to be abandoned by his local guide in a tragic accident deep within the Lost World of the Guyana Shield.

The story advances through an expedition covering thousands of miles and beyond the death of Sir Peter and the return to combat in the middle-east for redemption that touches on the modern day traumatic attack in Benghazi, Libya that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and fellow SEAL’s Marc was responsible to train.

It closes with a powerful lesson in healing; for himself; and for the families of the fallen that were close to him. The healing process comes in the form of the three dolphins of his youthful dreams that are now in the shape of his three horses.

In the end he finds that there is more to it than the protection of the individuals he travels with on his adventures; he remembers protecting the frogs living on the island of his youth ‘all who sleep safely within its shores’ with his bare feet and make-shift weapons.

As an adult he learns it is in fact the small scaled dreams of a boy that represent a microcosm of a larger island with a larger population, that is a profoundly human and patriotic realization. He has grown up to protect both his country, and humanity on a global scale.

‘The Adventures of Marc Lonergan' - Anthology - is more than a simple memoir, it is an amazing adventure geared towards stepping away from the computers and the gaming consoles of modern life, and returning to the way that many of our current world’s protectors have grown up…with bruised knees, broken bones, scraped elbows, and a lot of imagination.

Marc’s mission is for every reader to understand the Protector that lives within each of us

To do this, his primary objective is to inspire the next generation of our nations vanguard to dare to dream and go forward from the safety of the nest, and to make those dreams come true.

Our survival depends on it.