Renting Homes in Chiang Mai no longer a big hassle

Renting Homes in Chiang Main becomes easier and quicker for the tenants as well as the owners

Chiang Mai 30th January 2014: Renting homes in Chiang Mai has now become easier and more organized through their website Renting a home in big cities and especially in Thailand is always a big task as it requires one to spend a great deal of time and effort in order to find a suitable dwelling place. However Perfect Homes has made the entire process convenient for the eager tenants who can now view the listed dwellings that are up for rent. Perfect Homes has designed their website that categorizes methodically all the available widest selection of condominiums, houses and business premises that have an instant appeal to the ardent prospective tenants.

The company has ensured that their website available to the public viewers for free and are expecting the launch of their new website in a month or two. They do not charge any fees if one rents or buys one of their listed properties. There are separate categories for rent a house and rent your house that makes it very convenient for both the tenants and owners to have a common interface and realize their respective objectives. Fees are charged only if the property is sold or rented through of their introductions. Even the owners who are desirous of renting or selling their property can also list their property details on their website for free. The idea is to make both the parties look up for pertinent information with their website as an interface to facilitate the process.   

Perfect Homes ensures that the listed property is appropriately placed in the corresponding category of items that it needs to be placed, so as to draw maximum viewership under the desired category. The rental properties are further categorized as per the rental value that is being set by the owner which ensures that the prospective tenant gets a preliminary understanding to select a house that suits his / her budget. Further the FAQ page elucidates all plausible questions along with the appropriate answers that may arise from the tenant or owner side.

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About Perfect Homes

Perfect Homes provides the widest selection of houses, condominiums and business premises available for rent and ensures that it appeals to both to Thai and Western rental markets. Further it desires to provide a quality service that is unequalled by any of the existing agents in the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand.

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