Affinity Skin Care Discusses Skin Care After 50

A woman in her 50s has more opportunity for change than ever before. It is a time when many women move in their careers, deciding to transition to something new or choosing to shift toward retirement. For women with children, parenting begins to evolve as sons and daughters become more independent. And with the approach of menopause and growing health concerns, it is a time to make strong, positive choices for women’s changing bodies. Michele Berglund, skin care expert and owner of Affinity Skin Care, discusses skin care after 50 on her blog.

For women in their 50s, Michele recommends making a few simple adjustments to a skin care routine. First, consider a moisturizing cleanser and adding a second moisturizer with SPF protection. Cleansers focusing on oil reduction are beneficial for younger skin, but as women age, they need more moisture. Some examples of excellent moisturizing skin care for women can be found at . Adding a product with peptides in the morning will help build collagen during an active day, and retinoid treatments at night aid help to repair skin and keep complexions looking fresh. For anti-aging sets especially designed for skin care after 50, visit . Affinity Skin Care also has premium skin care for men, like the products featured at

By following Affinity Skin Care’s expert tips on skin care after 50, women can maintain a youthful glow and minimize the effects of aging, year after year.

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