iVoiceOver - The New and Exciting Kid in the Block

London, UK – iVoiceOver launched a new website in February 2014, which has been functioning as a perfect platform for gaining easy and quick access to the latest voice over talent in the United Kingdom and Europe. With this new website, the company has been able to ease the search for voice overs by qualifying voice over artists. Clients can easily look through professional voice over artists and their demos, and don’t have to rely on mediocre audio recordings.

In the last few years, there have been significant improvements and advancements in recording software and equipment. Moreover, the Internet has made it easier for many people to participate in the expanding market of the voice over industry. Earlier, clients did not have easy access to voice over specialists. The launch of the iVoiceOver website is a major step in this direction.

The voice over industry has continued to expand along with growing demand in video games, animation and other kinds of entertainment platforms requiring high quality voice overs. Online resources are also easily available and accessible. Due to this, the demand for voice acting continues to rise.

In the coming years, the market for voice over talent will become highly competitive and increasingly saturated. This will make it difficult for clients to go through numerous demo recordings to find the voice they need. iVoiceOver is a step ahead in this game with the website’s exclusive qualification process. It presents the most skilled and established voice artists in the industry.

According to Richard Carter (Owner), the website aims to provide a good opportunity for people with exceptional voices who are missing the right channels to utilise their talent. Moreover, the website also focuses on meeting clients’ standards and needs while looking for voice over artists.

Richard was one of the few experts in the industry to realize his vision, and come up with something exceptional. He wanted to build a website which would provide excellent opportunities and make a difference in the industry. With iVoiceOver, he has been able to make this possible.

iVoiceOver plans to develop a very unique evaluation process which qualifies numerous voice over artists to participate on the website. However, the website will make sure only the best voice over artists in the industry are part of this movement. In order to become an iVoiceOver member voice over artists will have to meet some basic requirements and professional standards in reliability, audio quality and skill.

iVoiceOver is the only voice over company to make it necessary for its members to undergo stringent evaluation before joining this pool of tremendous voice over talent. According to Richard Carter, this evaluation is quite simple to implement and administer. However, it will significantly raise the bar in the voice over industry. It will help aspiring voice over artists set themselves apart from people who are unable to meet basic standards. Moreover, it will also be beneficial for clients, as they won’t have to waste any time on mediocre talent.

iVoiceOver plans to offer a wide range of services to its clients. With a pool of high quality voice overs from specialists, the website will be able to meet standards of clients. Some of the services being offered on the website include IVR messaging and telephone prompts, TV & radio advertisements, podcasts and web audio, corporate messaging, E learning and narration for multimedia, in store and public transport announcements and audio book narration.

iVoiceOver was launched in February 2014. Although it’s been just one month, the website is steadily and rapidly gaining members in the form of highly skilled and professional voice over artists. The innovative concept of the company has been able to capture the attention of some leading voice over talent and clients. In the coming months, it will definitely gain some traction.

It is very simple and easy for clients to sign up on iVoiceOver to look through a huge database of demos. iVoiceOver aims to provide a positive experience to every client.

About iVoiceover

iVoiceover provides online access to professional voice over artists through their web site. All voice over artists’ are vetted in advance to ensure high quality voice overs, professionalism and reliability. The site contains numerous working examples of the voice artists’ work.

Contact Information:
Name: Richard Carter (Owner)
Telephone: 08001950525
Address: iVoiceover Limited, 4th Floor, 30-31 Furnival St, London, EC4A 1JQ, United Kingdom
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