The rising magician - Airwheel C5 smart bluetooth helmet

Airwheel C5 is named as smart helmet and earns big supports from its enthusiasts. How powerful it is? Airwheel describes that it looks like performing magic but it is easy to learn. Do you remember a movie in 2013 about magic? It is “Now You See Me”. “The Four Horsemen” in this movie well planned a robbery case that was presented by a stage show. C5 smart helmet will be integrated with a series of interactions like “look, listen and touch”. It is believed that users can feel the magic after wearing it.

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Everybody will come to an agreement when saying C5 is an intelligent helmet. In other words, it is more likely a magician who does the most stunning things quietly. With the added high-definition camera, C5 enriches the scene sense of participation when traditional helmet only can protect head. Try to imagine, playing skateboards by wearing such an intelligent helmet, you will have a special experience for being absorbed into the interactions with surrounded scenes.

The magic aspect of C5 helmet heads up display is firstly presented by the function of 2K high definition shooting and 150°large view dynamic capturing. The camera is located near to eyes of users. With the aid of users’ observation of visual angle, they can get the real and shocked segments. Usually people can only take some static state pictures or worry the sports camera dropping off while now C5 cool street bike can record both static and dynamic scenes. What’s more, the review of those memorable moments seems so nice.

After connecting the Bluetooth, users can put their phone into backpack and enjoy the beautiful melody for killing boring times. Of course, they can still observe the surrounding environment. Answering phones calls in the process of sports is also easy for C5 bluetooth intelligent helmet . Besides, users can upload videos or photos into social network platforms by connecting the network hotspot and the Wi-Fi modular of the helmet.

Following the rising magician Airwheel C5, you will start a new chapter for the sports time.

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Address: Los Angeles, California, USA