The upkeep about eyeglasses

One of the essentials for fashionable people in summer is – sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses will bring beauty and health to us, and what we can do for it is to maintain it carefully. Here are some tips for the maintenance.

1. If the screw becomes loose, you can take your sunglasses to the nearby optical store to have it tightened, or the lens is likely to be broken if fall on the ground.

2. Cosmetics containing chemical elements tend to make the color of temple fading. Therefore, if there remain cosmetics on the temple, please wipe the temple with glasses cloth or tissue.

3. In most cases, glasses are folded starting from the left temple.

4. In order to perform the correct function of sunglasses, please wear them properly.

5. When taking off glasses, use both your hands to avoid the deformation of the frame. If the frame has deformed, you should have it repaired, do not try to fix it by yourself for you may damage the lenses and the eyeglass frames.

6. Place your sunglasses away from sunlight for the color may fade when exposing in the light and heat.

7. If you do not need your sunglasses for a while, put them in the case wrapped with glasses cloth to avoid damage.