Uplift your Business with VPS Hosting

A number of options are available among entrepreneurs to host their websites, such as dedicated servers, shared servers, and VPS. Undoubtedly, dedicated servers are robust and are performance-driven, however the fact they are expensive can’t be overlooked. In case of shared hosting, the resources allocated to a single client are limited and security risks are high. Here, comes a gilt-edge solution – VPS hosting that is neither to expensive nor vulnerable to spamming attacks.

Below are a few of the reasons that will help you comprehending how VPS hosting is an optimal platform:


A dedicated server is expensive. It is an opt solution for the businesses that receives high web traffic on their websites. Clients whose website does not experience constant high traffic need not avail dedicated servers as they will have to pay the fixed rental cost no matter if they utilized all the resources or not. High web traffic attracting websites can only meet the expected ROI by availing dedicated server hosting. For the low-moderate web traffic attracting websites, Virtual Private Servers is an apt solution.


In shared hosting, neighboring websites can impact your overall business performance and can act as a threat to your website carving way to hacking opportunities and other malicious attacks occurring on your website. On the contrary, in a VPS server each website is virtually isolated and allocated with different IP address, disk space, separate network bandwidth, RAM, etc 


In shared hosting environment, you don’t get root access to the server. You cannot install desired software applications in shared hosting. In VPS, you get complete root access to your virtual server, and you can simply install the software/applications as per your business need.

You experience better performance with VPS hosting services than shared hosting platform.