Virginia hip hop artist A-Jay drops The Blow Up mixtape

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Known as one of Virginia’s most notable emerging hip hop artist, rapper A-Jay has announced the release of his largely anticipated mixtape album “The Blow Up.”  With over half of the album self-produced, the new project features a variety of bass infused tracks, freestyles, self-reflecting melodies and storytelling. “The Blow Up” is available at

With a rap style frequently compared to that of Nas and J.Cole, A-Jay’s creative approach to making music is more than just making words rhyme. Each song carries a unique purpose or meaning. His recently released single, Lorene reveals a true-to-life tale of lust, jealousy and revenge.  An authentic reflection of a skillful lyricist working to perfect his craft, “The Blow Up” is 21- tracks of modern day hip hop without the fluff.

“I wanted to bring the art of music back to the game.  When ambition mixed with raw talent is combined you get heart-felt music that everybody can relate to and enjoy,” said A-Jay. “I feel like this project is one of my best pieces so far, it only get better from here.”

While A-Jay produced a majority of the mixtape, Don Da Vinci and Mykl Myers also added their contributions on the production boards. A-Jay adds, “I actually had no problem reaching out to these guys for a few tracks. I will definitely work with them again on any upcoming projects.”

With the previous success of his 2013 debut effort, the EP “Out of Nowhere: The Hip-Hop Savior” this new mixtape is positioned to further increase A-Jay’s fan base. When he’s not in the booth creating music, you can find him performing at various venues in Virginia Beach and on the east coast. He is currently working on a tour in which the dates are set to release around mid-May. Check for updates.

About A-JAY

Anthony Jason Riddick better known by his stage name A-Jay, is an emerging hip-hop recording artist and producer from Portsmouth, VA.  In April 2013, he released an extremely well put together EP, entitled “Out of Nowhere: The Hip-Hop Savior.”  He received numerous reviews complimenting him on his style, skill, word play and his art for storytelling. "They told me I couldn't do it and that it would be hard, being that no one around me didn't even know I could rap,” he says.

A-Jay began writing rhymes at the age of 12. He never really took writing seriously during that particular time, as he was more into sports such as basketball and football. But even while playing sports, music always seemed to find a way into his mind.  Inspired by Jay-Z and Nas, A-Jay developed a love for telling stories through his own eyes. At 16, he developed a deep love for writing and creating music but still was not convinced that he wanted to pursue music as a career.  

In 2008 A-Jay started recording himself at home and by 2011 decided he wanted to produce his own music; He bought a beat machine to make his own beats. He started taking his craft seriously. He taught himself how to write lyrics and produce tracks so that he could develop his own style, which is reflected in his music today.

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