Dallas, Texas - Clinics in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas areas are now offering both pain medication management treatment and interventional therapy. These clinics are part of the Texas Pain Network.

Patients who visit the pain management doctors in Dallas, Texas are often experiencing a great amount pain in their neck, back, legs or other extremities. Depending on their condition, doctors are able to prescribe the best treatment to alleviate their pain.

Among the treatments are pain medication management. This is when the doctor prescribes specific medication for your pain. For less severe cases, a doctor may recommend an over-the-counter drug such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

However, for more severe cases such as a migraine or chronic back pain, the pain management doctor may recommend a type of opioid. These types of medication include oxycodone, percocet, or morphine. They are much stronger and doctors must monitor intake to prevent overdose or addiction. Pain management doctors in Dallaswill do regular physical exams. They will also monitor the effectiveness of the drugs in order to determine if they are working properly.

Another treatment the pain management doctor may prescribe is interventional therapy. Interventional therapy consists of minimally invasive procedures to reduce pain experienced from a specific condition. Examples of interventional therapy are joint injections, spinal cord stimulators, platelet rich plasma, and occipital nerve blocks.

Many of these therapies help prevent the nerve from telling the brain that there is pain. Joint injections are often used to help patients with arthritis. Often times cortisone is injected into the joint with the pain and helps reduce inflammation temporarily.

Spinal cord stimulators are placed just under the skin and sends small electrical signals which change the way the brain receives the pain message. This can alleviate pain for days or even months at a time.

During a platelet rich plasma treatment, the patient’s blood is taken. The platelets are then separated from the blood and injected back into the body. They are placed in the area where the patient is experiencing pain. The platelets help the body restore and repair the area that is damaged.

An occipital nerve block also prevents the brain from receiving the message that there is any pain. It is commonly used to alleviate migraines. Pain management doctors Dallas inject medication into the occipital nerve. This helps alleviate pain for a short time and is said to decrease the amount of migraines a person experiences.

Since every patient is different, the treatment recommended by doctors at the Fort Worth and Dallas pain clinics are different. Each patient will meet with a doctor and the doctor will help determine what is best to relieve their pain.

About Texas Pain Network

Texas Pain Network is made up of two clinics in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. They each contain top pain management doctors who have been very successful in treating patients without using surgery. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact the Texas Pain Network by visiting their website or call 214-234-9130.