Amazing and unique feature of LED lighting products from famous China supplier

China – Following the pass of the 100 degrees temperature boiling test of the led outdoor lights in Taiwan International Lighting Show at the March of this year leading to LED, the famous and professional China LED lighting products supplier led industrial lights challenged the awe-inspiring technological limits of LED lighting products again. They let the LED high bay lights in low temperature of C Dry ice which is minus 40 degrees for a long time. With the challenge of the low temperature, their high quality LED products can still function properly and no high-frequency flicker.

The biggest factor which affecting the life of led warehouse lights should be the temperature, LED panel Chip and heat generation which will not only directly affect the lamp life and stability but also will affect the future lighting effects of the LED lights. However, each factory or other industrial enterprise would prefer to choose the LED lighting products with the extended long life.

The technician from also said that many consumers find that the marking using life after on the led high bay lights could not be the same as the actually service life after purchasing LED bulbs. There are also another normally phenomenon of the product which is that the original white light of this product will be slow changed into green lighting, which is also the result of inadequate cooling effect of the LED lighting products. In addition to the high temperature problem, low temperature environment could cause into great badly effect to the LED lighting products. In this case, whether the inner components or other parts of the led high bay could bear with the cold environment should be the big challenge of each LED manufacturer. For this factor, the famous China LED supplier should be the best one.

The technician from also said that their products also firstly integrates LED lighting and the explosive proof function and components in addition to the most unique feature bearing with temperature from 100 degrees C and to 40 degrees C below zero cold frozen. Their products’ explosive proof technology has been already pioneered by IAS proof certification. The certified products can be used in any occasion filled with flammable gases such as gas stations, factories, tank, wineries, pits and others.

On the other hand, due to continuous light and the technology of no high-frequency flicker, the led high bay lights could also be stable used in industrial lighting areas especially in flammable places. It could not only reduce the dangerous level but also could reduce the energy cost.


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