Free Voice to Text – Handy app

Free Voice to Text is an app that seems to have been created with the needs of users in mind and can help them save time.

It’s a voice recognition app that lets users to speak to their computers so that the content can be converted into text directly. This clearly has huge time saving advantage for users of today, who are often hard pressed for time. The app can be easily downloaded and made the most out of by users working on books, presentations and more.

Free Voice to Text is a simple app without too many frills and lets users adjust their computer settings so that voice can be recognised and text written accordingly. From research papers to class notes, there are many applications for this app today. Moreover it can also be used to write documents, send emails and create excel sheets as well. Hence it can help people save time in their daily tasks too.

One of the highlights of the app is said to be its plain interface that makes it convenient to use for beginners. They can navigate around its different features within no time and get optimal benefits out of them. Another good thing about this software is that it is multi lingual; it recognises English, French, Spanish and Japanese, which is why it is said to be a versatile tool for today’s users.

About Free Voice to Text

This is a voice recognition app that enables users to save time by converting their voice into text on their computers. From books to research papers and classroom notes, it has many applications for users who speak different languages including English, French, Spanish and Japanese.

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