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Pro Stock star Anderson likes D2211, new zMAX track at 4-Wide


            CONCORD, NC (March 28, 2015) – The cool, brisk morning conditions at zMAX Dragway this weekend had drag racing fans shivering but four-time NHRA Pro Stock champion racer Greg Anderson was chomping at the bit to get on the track.

            Anderson and the rest of the NHRA professionals are here for the 4 Wide Nationals, the only event on the NHRA schedule in which four cars race at the same time rather than the normal two at a time.

            The 4 Wide Nationals mark the fourth race of the 2015 season and the fourth race the Pro Stock teams have raced on Goodyear’s new D2211 rear tire. Anderson said the new tire has been a good fit.

            “For a brand new deal, this early in the game, to be very comfortable with it – which we are – my hat's off to Goodyear,” Anderson said. “We wondered, ‘Will we be able to do what we used to do (with the previous tire) with this tire?’ Any concerns are out the window. It's held us back zero.”

            Goodyear is the exclusive tire provider for the Pro Stock teams. The D2211 was used in competition for the first time in the season opener at Pomona, although the Pro Stock teams had the opportunity to test the tire in 2014. It replaced a tire Goodyear manufactured for Pro Stock teams for a decade. Anderson’s team has won two of the first three races this season.

“If you want to complain about a challenge, you're probably not going to succeed, so we look at it positively,” Anderson said. “That's what we've done, and so far that approach has treated us very well. Great job once again to the Goodyear folks.” 

            Friday’s racing was rinsed out by stubborn rain that slowed and lightened at times but never really stopped. Saturday’s dawn brought mostly clear skies and sunny conditions and Anderson predicted big speeds if the sun warmed the racing surfaces at zMAX enough.

            Anderson was right. His teammate, Jason Line, set a track speed record at 214.04 mph in the first round of qualifying.

            “The cooler it is, obviously, the motors just flat make more power, so that makes the racetrack need to be even better yet,” Anderson said.”

            The racing surface is brand new at zMAX. Anderson, whose team is headquartered nearby, tested the track a week earlier and was very complimentary here this week.

            “This race track is fantastic,” Anderson said. “They did a great job, it’s as smooth as glass out there.”

            Goodyear employs about 69,000 people at manufacturing plants and facilities in 22 nations. Based in Akron, Ohio, Goodyear is among the largest tiremakers in the world and is the worldwide leader in race tire innovation.