Guild Wars 2 Refreshes MMORPG online Games World

Mike O ‘Brien ran promotions for Guild Wars in 2006, who was one of three founders of ArenaNet. And 13 years later, when the world is full of all kinds of MMO, it seems to more people MMO market is occupied by the leisure sports games. Mike O ‘Brien said he was able to see a lot of opportunities in the game industry.


Mike O ‘Brien team develops Guild Wars 2, which is not a traditional MMOG and similar to World of Warcraft. Guild Wars level is 80, its PVE system is comparatively easy. Some stories in Guild Wars also are arranged in Guild Wars 2. But gamers can’t transfer item in Guild Wars to Guild Wars 2.  So does Guild Wars 2 gold too. Gamers need to earn GW2 gold from the start. “The Guild Wars 2″ (Guild Wars 2 Gold) there will be three kinds of currency: Gold, the karma, and precious stones. Gold is a common currency in the game [2].Karma is the player in the game for special reward for props, cannot trade. The gem is needed to shopping currency in the trading system.
The online game called Guild Wars 2 has a large amount of gamers market, which allows players to do gems exchange trading and buy GW2 gold. No matter gamers do game items trade or items micro trading goods, they have only two choices: earn cheap guild wars 2 gold in the game and use cheap GW2 gold to buy gems. In this way, more players can be in a horizontal to play guild wars 2 game, whether they have spare time or have spare money.


We founded ArenaNet to innovate, so Guild Wars 2 is our opportunity to question everything,To make a game that defies existing conventions.” – Mike O’Brien, Founder, ArenaNet. This is dazzling point for the Guild Wars 2 MMORPG online game.


The guild wars 2 online world will not just stay on the PC.”Guild wars 2″ was online on US sever before long, they began to recruit mobile terminal. Now they have four teams in the development of the mobile APP. Mike O ‘Brien says the guild wars 2″ has developed to developers API, known as an application programming interface.


“Now we’re doing some basic things, such as you can know what the world is undergoing what changes and relevant information about WVSW from the mobile end. The next step we will add the interactive features.” Mike O ‘Brien said. ArenaNet team may even consider developing various needs that players are in the auction house. Mike O ‘Brien believes that MMORPG guild wars 2 will be more and more open in the future. is professional site operates game currency for nine years.This page offer cheap Guild Wars 2 gold for sale. Players can buy GW2 gold from very simply. guarantees cheap price, safe for players accounts and high speed delivery.